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Emile et Rose - Baby Girl Navy Harper Sailor Dress

  • A pretty cotton jersey sailor dress in navy and white stripes with a white yoke, sailor collar and sleeves have embroidered "braid" and navy buttons, giving a double breasted look. A smart traditional English dress and perfect for any special occasions.


    - Colour Navy/White Stripes
    - Sailor Collar
    - Sleeves have Embroidered Braid
    - Navy Buttons
    - Includes Bloomers
    - Cotton
    - Machine Washable

  • Size Guide

    1 mth/ 56cm/ from 3-4.5kg/8-10lbs

    3 mths/ 62cm/ from 4.5-6.5kg/ 10-14lbs

    6 mths/ 68cm/ 6.5-8kg/ 14-18lbs

    9 mths/ 71cm/ 8-10kg/ 18-22lbs

    12mths/ 76cm/ 10-11kg/ 22-25lbs

    18mths/ 83cm/11-12kg/25-28lbs

    23mths/ 88cm/12-13.5kg/27-30lbs

  • About the Brand

    Emile et Rose produces an exclusive range of quality baby wear. The clothing come in traditional styles using the finest softest fabrics. It is one of UK's best selling brand of designer baby wear. Emile et Rose baby wear range comes with a wooden hanger.


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