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Gummy Wears Beautyberry Chwewllery Teething Necklace

  • Chewellery necklaces from Gummy Wears are fashionable and chic for mums, and are fitted with breakaway clasp that pulls apart with considerable pressure.


    - Colour Purple
    - Soft and Safe on Teething Babies Gums 
    - 100% Silicone
    - BPA Free
    - Designed to Be Worn by Adults Only
    - Easy to Clean

  • There is no size chart available for this product
  • About the Brand

    Teething babies and wearing jewellery is often more of a hazard than a fashion statement…until now. Gone are the frumpy days, thanks to the Chewellery range – jewellery that is both stylish and safe. Pair it with a chic teether and there’s no situation you won’t be able to handle. Gummy Wears is Australian owned and established by two Sydney mums. Both of whom are practising nurses and understand the challenges you face in taking care of your bub.

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