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Minimink - Baby Rug/Wrap/Throw Blanket


  • Rug/Wrap/Throw for babies - the original product created and still a bestseller. Perfect gift or product for a new baby during those cold wintry days as it is the perfect size for a rug, pram wrap or throw.


    - Soft, Warm and Cosy
    - Faux Fur
    - Versatile and Luxurious
    - Size 100cm x 100cm
    - Lined with 100% Cotton Jersey
    - Gentle Machine Washable

  • There is no size chart available for this product
  • About the Brand

    The Minimink range specialised in high quality faux fur products that are beautiful, functional and long lasting with a special emphasis on babies and children. The ecological fur is man-made and the product is versatile and luxurious.



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