Say No to Bullying

June 06, 2012

Say No To Bullying
Bullying illustrates a variety of different actions and usually involves a group or a person consistently seeking to harm an individual who is weaker then them.

There are various types of bullying like threatening, name calling, exclusion, physical and the newest and most underestimated type, cyber bullying.

Bullying has proven to cause severe psychological stress, physical and mental health issues to the victims.   

Depression, Anxiety, Sadness, Loneliness, Eating Patterns, Health complaints and Decreased Academic Achievement are just some of the other side effects.

These kids also have a high tendency to skip school or drop out at an early age.

Together we can make our children's school and community, a safer, happier place.

Here are a few educational videos which were used in the campaigns against bullying.

Incredible video posted by the sister of a teenage girl who was driven to commiting suicide due to the
bullying she had been subjected to at school. It has had over 2 million views.

Bon Bon Tresor is a avid supporter of these campaigns and would love you to join the cause.