School's In! How can I make myself and my child more comfortable with school life?

February 05, 2013

Schools In
Well it’s that time of the year again. 

Time for our children to get back into the routine of school, to embark on another year of education and life lessons. 

Most of us parents will feel we have earnt a good break following the chaos of the school holidays, but some are nervous about how their toddlers will deal with life at school. 

Our last blog post focused on what we should do to prepare for the new school year, this one focuses more on what to do now that it is here. 

Here are a few tips, to make you and your child more comfortable about the new school year. 

Visit the School 

Walk or ride the route your child will take to school. Speak to your child about talking to strangers, and observe along the route any areas where he/she must exercise caution. 

Take note of all crossings and school staff that may be available to assist children entering the school. Enquire about the school’s policy for early arrivals. 

Introduce Yourself 

Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. Ask the teacher the times he/she is available to talk to parents. Introduce your child to the teacher, your presence will give them comfort. 

Offer Assistance 

Ask the teacher if they need assistance with any particular projects in the school? If time permits, offer to be a classroom parent or to organise other parents to help in the classroom or at the school.  If unable to attend the classroom during school hours, ask if there are things you can do from home or on the weekends that would be helpful. 

Make Homework a Priority 

Most kids do not have homework at the top of their list of things to do when they get home everyday. 

Try and set a time and make it a daily habit for them. Find a quiet and consistent place at home where your child can complete his or her homework. 

If your child is having difficulty with his or her homework, offer your assistance. Don’t be a rubber-stamp that only helps them do what isn’t finished. Explain that there is still time to polish and finish their projects. Direct them to resources that will enable them to answer their own questions and complete homework assignments autonomously. 

If they continue to struggle, make an appointment with the teacher to discuss his or her difficulty. 

Check with the counselor and the teacher about tutors to get your child help if needed. 

Take Charge of TV 

Try and limit the time that you let your child watch TV. This time could be offered as reward to the child following their homework.

Too much television cuts into important activities in a child’s life, such as reading, playing with friends, sporting activities and talking with family members.  

Hope this helps all you parents. Remember to enjoy the experience! These little people will be all grown up before you know it so soak up the memories while they last. :)