What does your child want to be when they grow up?

February 22, 2013

Growing Up

Vets, firemen, and teachers – when it comes to dream careers with children, there a definitely a few favourite jobs that top the list. The question of what your little one wants to be when he/she grows up is a sure way of getting a conversation started, and sneaking a glimpse at their sense of ambition from an early age. The core of most of their dreams is heroic, and surprisingly, their career aspirations have little to do with money. Here’s a list of the top five careers with children under the age of 12: 

1. Doctor - Not yet understanding the tireless years of medical school and unusually long hours, the most popular career with children is a medical doctor. Most brave little ones aspire to help and heal others contrary to early experiences of flu shots and horrible tasting medication. From an early age, children understand that there is a need to do good deeds and take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. 

2. Veterinarian - Whether you have pets in your home or not, your child’s desire to help animals stems from the feelings of love and loyalty they experience from animals. Having pets in the home inspires the feeling of responsibility and leadership. There are also plenty of educational book, video and community options you could use to stimulate your child’s passion for animals. 

3. Fireman - Few careers seem as cool to little boys than being a fireman. From the outfits to the pole-sliding and shiny trucks – it’s the brave and strong phase that most little boys go through. Firemen are real life heroes, both fit and respectable. This choice once again fuels the desire to save others and be a hero to society. 

4. Spy - Like a page from a comic book, the aspiration to be a spy makes our top five list. Their disguises, cars, and cool gadgets make spies heroes to most crime fighting wannabes. To kids, anyone can be a spy, it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from.

5. Teacher - Teachers are probably the first adult leaders that children meet outside of their families and family friends. While some children are afraid of them, many aspire to be teachers one day. Knowing the mantra about education being the key to a bright future, many kids under the age of 12 want to help other children have bright futures as well.  Whatever it is, we should be fully supportive of what our kids are dreaming of for their future.