Stunning LiaLea now Instore

September 11, 2014

LiaLea is a Children's Wear Company which designs and produces clothing for girls aged 4 to 12, focusing on graceful details and functionality to create perfect comfort and uniqueness.

The quality of LiaLea, united with more than 25 years of experience within the children's fashion industry, helps them to produce the products which little ones have come to love ever so dearly.

LiaLea is a worldwide competitor in the Children's Clothing sector. Primarily based in Turkey, they contain exclusive distributors  in 134 different locations worldwide, including; the United States, Russia, Israel, England, Saudi Arabia, Agents in Belgium, Holland, and of course, Australia. Their main aim is to present their creations from Turkey to the World, composing products which every girl dreams of wearing.

The Complete LiaLea collection finds inspiration in famous children's novels and movies. The 2014 Spring-Summer "Fossil Sisters" Collection (which is in-stock at Bon Bon Tresor) is inspired from the child's novel Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield. The adorable three Fossil Sisters (the heroes of this story) shaped the innovation and creativity behind the pieces in the gorgeous collection.

You can find the complete LiaLea Spring-Summer Collection in store at Bon Bon Tresor